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1st Knaresborough (Castle) Scout Group

Harrogate & Nidderdale District Scouts, North Yorkshire

Cub Summer Camp 22 - What a Scorcher!!
13/07/2022 By Stuart Beardwell


 Last Weeked was 1st Knaresborough's first Summer Cub Camp Since Lock- Down.

15 Cubs and leaders headed out to the district Camp Thornthwaite, to spend two nights under canvas and spend plenty of time earning bades and honing Cub skills. After the Cubs pitched their tents they soon got sorted running around the wood playing games, after a quick orientation and saftey chat we played more games and gathered round the campfire for mashmallows and Coco.

A challenging night ensued with banging House music drifting up from the valley until 2am. The 100 DoEers that arrived at 12am and started a campfire didn't help much either!  After a lying in bed pretending to sleep for a few hours Cub camp began in earnest!

The exact order of events now seems rather a blurr; interspersed with cups of tea ( thanks Sarah), sauasages ( thanks Eric), midges, fire smoke, Cubs running between trees, fire lihting, pioneering, first aid delivery, practice that is. There were walks, there were a few tears, some ice cream, a large slide, a tug of war, baked beans, bannock bread.

Cub camp is always intense, the kids are on the go all the time, many of them away from their parents doing stuff that they dont normally do, with people that they dont kow that well and on very little sleep.

It is a rite of passage, parts are fun, parts are hard, it's not easy and staying to the end is an achievement in itself.

Well done to all the kids and leaders that made it throuh to the end - great teamwork form all concerned. We shuld be ready for another year.



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